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  Editing Levels  

Our editing and proofreading services offer three editing levels.

1. Copy editing and proofreading

  • Checking for grammatical errors
  • Correcting spelling mistakes
  • ensuring the manuscript adheres to the style guide
  • ensuring the final copy is clean without any typographical or other errors.

2. Substantive editing

  • A thorough line-edit to ensure correct grammar, tone, clarity and consistency
  • Editing at word level and sentence level
  • Checking for appropriate usage of words and terms

3. Developmental editing:

  • Analyzing your manuscript as a whole
  • Verifying effective structure and outline
  • Maintaining consistent tone and style
  • Rewriting sentences to make content clear, concise and effective
  • Suggesting, repositioning of figures and tables at appropriate places
  • Preparing a style guide for the book





Editing Levels
Three Levels of Editing
How to choose edit levels?
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