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How to write letters that look professional - tips for executives to improve and fine-tune letter writing skills

Many people think using big words make the letter look better. But people always like simple text written to the point.

Here are some tips to write a better, professional letter.

1. Always use proper capitalization. Firs letter of proper names, that is name of a person, place, or thin must always be in capital letter.

Name of a person: Rajiv Kumar, Gopala Krishnan, Mike Smith

Name of a place: Chennai, Los Angeles, Sydney, London.

Name of a thing - Brand names. For example, Amul, Britannia, Coca Cola, etc.

2) Do not overuse punctuations - Avoid using !!! and ???.

For example, Please find our brochure!!!, Are you looking for a software development centre in India???

3) Spell company names properly - Wrong or improper use of company names may annoy the reader. For example, write IBM,TCS, not Ibm, ibm ot Tcs,tcs.

4) Do not use too much of contractions or abbreviations.

Thanx, thnx, thnkx - Thank you or Thanks.

TIA - Thanks in advance

PFA - Please find attached

Contractions and abbreviations are ok in informal writing, but not in formal writing.

5) Write complete, short sentences. Many fragmented sentences may imply that you are unable to think and communicate coherently.

6) Convey one message per paragraph. Do not stuff all your message in a single paragraph.

7) Do not write long and redundant sentences. This is one of the most prevalent problems. Here is a list of some common redundant phrases used in business communication.

Instead of


5 am in the morning

5 am

a total of 100 participants

100 birds

consensus of opinion


cooperate together


each and every


in spite of the fact that


in the event that


particular interest


period of four days

four days

refer back


repeat again


return again


revert back


summarize briefly


surrounding circumstances


the future to come

the future



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