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If your firm manufactures hi-tech and expensive products, it cannot survive and grow without providing user manuals to customers. User manuals provide information about product features and use, and help in achieving customer satisfaction. They are an inseparable part of all commodities ranging from vacuum cleaners and mobile phones to software and cars.  

Not every individual is conversant with technology and, therefore, user manuals should be designed keeping in mind the layman.

The information that you need to provide includes product features, method of use, precautions, if any, that need to be taken during use, scope for additional features or upgrading, details of warranty, and contact addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of service centers.

Based on this information we will develop an attractive user manual with neat layout, bulleted lists, well-written and informative content, catchy headings, and meaningful subheadings. Your customer will just need to scan through the manual to get user information in jiffy. And a satisfied customer can offer good publicity for your product. 

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